Customs Brokerage Services

Choosing the right Customs Broker is a crucial decision for any importer.  A good broker will ensure that information reported to CBP and OGA’s to be correct and accurate in order to avoid costly delays and potential penalties in the future.  Our expertise will ensure that your entries are properly handled to minimize such delays.   With over 25 years of combined experience and constant training, we strive to maintain  high standards and promise to handle your shipments professionally.

  • Fully automated with ACE
  • Consumption Entries (formal and informal) in all U.S. Ports
  • In-Bond Entries
  • ISF Entries
  • Remote Location Filing to all U.S. ports
  • Other Government Agencies (FDA, USDA, DOT, FCC Fish & Wildlife, etc)
  • Classification advice
  • Bonded Warehouse entry
  • Duty Drawback
  • E-Manifests
  • Customs Bonds
  • ACE – E-Manifests
  • AES
  • ACH Statement Payment
  • C-TPAT Certified

Freight Forwarding

Miramar Customs Brokers can provide a wide range of Logistical Services to assist our clients with their shipping needs.   Regardless if you require domestic shipping within the U.S., International shipping or Border shipments to/from Mexico, we can assist with all your shipping needs.

  • Domestic shipping to all U.S. cities
  • International shipping for Ocean and Air
  •  FTL, LTL, Flatbed movements
  • Land, Air and Ocean Transportation
  • Full Container and Consolidated (LCL)
  • Strong Worldwide Agent network
  • Door to Door Overseas services
  • Authorized Bonded Carrier to handle In-bond shipments
  • Exclusive dedicated trucks available upon request
  • Cross-border shipments
  • Cargo Insurance available
  • Yard and Warehouse facilities available in San Diego and Long Beach areas
  • Daily pickups at Terminals and CFS facilities in Los Angeles/Long Beach ports

Warehouse and Distribution Services

Miramar Customs Brokers offers a clean, safe and secure environment for all your storage and distribution needs.  Whether you require short-term or long-term storage, we offer a wide range of services that will ensure your freight is properly handled and efficiently expedited to meet your shipping needs.


  • Reception and coordination of freight from U.S.
    and overseas suppliers
  • Long Term and Short-term storage
  • Barcode inventory control system
  • Internet/Intranet based system
  • Inventory and Online Reports sent daily, weekly or
    monthly according to client needs
  • Sorting, Labeling, Palletizing
  • Preparation of Bills of Lading
  • Secured Facilities with 24-hour monitoring to
    ensure controlled environment
  • Pick and Pack
  • Cross Dock Services
  • Consolidation Services

Bonded Warehouse Services


Miramar Customs Brokers has been approved by Customs and Border Protection to operate as a Bonded Warehouse proprietor.   In addition to our other warehousing services, we are able to receive, store and ship merchandise shipped under Bond.  Should our clients require inspection of merchandise before export, we are authorized to open packaging (crates, cartons, etc) and break customs seals to further perform inspection and verification services prior to exportation.


  • U.S. Customs approved Bonded Warehouse, class 3 & 8
  • Storage of Bonded Freight
  • Manipulation requests to CBP to inspect bonded freight
  • Bonded Warehouse entries for long term storage when approved
  • C-TPAT seals issued
  • In bond Labeling
  • Secured Facilities with 24 hour monitoring
  • CBP Exam Site



Border Services

Strategically located at the U.S./Mexican border in the Otay Mesa area, Miramar Customs Brokers can assist our clients with shipments to/from Mexico.  Strong relationships with our Mexican agents ensures that your shipments are handled efficiently and professionally in a secured manner.


  • U.S. Customs documents preparation
  • Consumption Entry (formal and informal)
    for U.S. bound shipments
  • AES Transmittal for Mexican bound shipments
  • Coordination of Mexican Customs documentation
    with our strong MX alliance
  • Cross-Border shipping of all types
  • Freight Forwarding to/from Interior of Mexico
  • Door to Door services
  • All staff is 100% bilingual
  • Consultation in NAFTA requirements
  • Warehouse Services
  • Maquiladora




Compliance Services

Under Informed Compliance, the importer is required to ensure that their shipments are correctly classified and comply with federal regulations codes with CBP, FDA and other government agencies.  As your Customs Broker, we can assist you with compliance issues by offering consultation in the following areas.


  • Classification and rate of duty advice
  • Appraisement method
  • Assistance in complying with C-TPAT Profile
  • Customs Ruling preparation
  • Assistance with compliance of Government forms
    (NAFTA, FDA, FCC, DOT, Certificate of Origin, etc)
  • Response to CBP requests for information (CF28)
  • Analysis of qualifying trade programs, (NAFTA, GSP
    and other trade programs) between the U.S. and a
    foreign countries to reduce or eliminate tariff duties.
  • Recordkeeping